FASHION is my passion. It has consumed my waking hours for years as I have journeyed in pursuit of sartorial splendour. Most particularly, that seemingly never-ending search for those classic pieces that every woman needs for every occasion. I want clothing that looks good, feels good, and lasts longer than one season. This means I’m looking for things that are stylish, comfortable and durable.

Sartorial pursuits aside, I have also enjoyed a wonderful career in the media working on newspapers and magazines in roles that have taken me around the world.

However, it was as fashion director on Australia’s top two women’s weekly magazines – New Idea and Woman’s Day – that I enjoyed a national profile as one of Australia’s most respected and trusted fashion editors, commentators and stylists. I worked with some of the country’s top models and celebrities, photographers and make-up artists. But it hasn’t been all Chanel and champagne!  It’s a common myth that working in fashion means a life of privilege and glamour. Trust me, it’s not! It’s a lot of hard work … but I enjoyed the spoils nonetheless.

Being of a certain age, I have seen trends come and go – and come back again! I have a stylist’s eye for a trend, an experienced head for a classic, and enough knowledge to fill a stack of vintage Vuittons. Suffice to say I can spot a Chanel at 2.55 paces, sniff out a Burberry in the trenches and tell a Kelly from a Birkin – Hermes that is!

What Every Woman Needs is a blog for the well-dressed woman with a well-dressed mind who’s looking for fashion advice, wardrobe solutions and stylish ideas for a life of style. I also understand that most women want quality, but they also want value for money.  They want clothes that will give them a sense of confidence and style. And in the words of Coco Chanel, a woman should be classy and stylish.

But it’s not just fashion that drives me. This blog is also a personal journey. I work full-time as the acting features production editor on the Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph (News Corp) in Sydney – but I also dream of a life less ordinary. I love to indulge my other passions for travel, food and wine whenever I can. If you can’t enjoy good food, good wine and good conversation, there’s not much left to live for!

So please join me in my quest to find what every woman needs for every occasion. Oh, and one day I hope to publish a book … maybe all this work will pay off!

Hope you enjoy.

Ever stylishly yours  …  AMG