Centurions of style: Sportscraft turns 100

Sportscraft cultural ambassadors celebrate a centenary of  Australian lifestyle

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THIS year marks a 100 years of Sportscraft.

In 1914, a young Russian immigrant, Woolf Bardas, set about laying the foundations for what was to become one of Australias most enduring and trusted lifestyle brands.

His vision was inspired by the Australian way of life and his love of sport, as well as a focus on craftsmanship and understanding the value of quality fabric and a good cut.

From its humble beginnings as a door-to-door tailoring business,  Sportscraft’s legacy spans  three generations of Bardas men who built the company into the Australian retail success story it is today.

And to mark this huge achievement the brand has selected eight Australians (above, left to right) who characterise Australian life, which is also the spirit of Sportscraft – Kylie Kwong, Nick Farr Jones, Gracie Otto, Samantha Harris, Rachel Griffiths, Anthony Carroll, Ita Buttrose and Michael Klim.

Together they represent the great Australian lifestyle: a vibrant arts scene, a sporting nation, diverse culture, egalitarian life and the undying positive spirit of a sunburnt country. But they also represent the blend of established traditions and the new influences Australian cultural diversity and a unifying commitment to Australia and its lifestyle.

So raise your glass and celebrate the great Australian lifestyle and this wonderful Australian brand.

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