It’s ironic, but when is style “iconic”? When it’s absolutely perfect

When it comes to fashion and style, nothing should stand in the way of a woman and the absolutely perfect embodiment of anything  “iconic

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AS a journalist, one of my pet hates is the misuse of certain words. Words such as “like” when used instead of “as” or “as if”. Or the word “over” instead of more than.

But it’s the misuse, or should I say overuse, of the word “iconic” that really gets me going. Particularly when used to describe a person or an item of clothing. And, trust me, we’re not talking about the online store!

So let’s take a step back for a moment. What does “iconic” actually mean? An icon is a religious work of art most commonly of the Greek or Russian orthodox churches. Or an image or depiction that represents something else of greater significance through literal or figurative meaning usually associated with religious, cultural, political or economic standing. So “iconic” relates to or is of the nature of an icon. 

So why do people use the word to refer to or describe something that is significant or historic with such abandon?

I often see articles that refer to clothing as “iconic”. The iconic white shirt, the iconic trench coat, the iconic little black dress. Those sartorially splendiferous pieces are so obviously more than the sum of their parts that they really cannot be described as anything else. I understand what they are getting at … suggesting, for example, that the white shirt is the most perfect embodiment of something.

But it begs the question. Can you truly describe a piece of clothing as “iconic”? I’d prefer to call them “essential” or “absolute” or perhaps, just a plain old “must have”.

Regardless, every woman must have a few new-season, game-changing pieces in her wardrobe. Those pieces that make you feel more complete, more confident and more beautiful from the moment you put them on. Simple, throwaway, anonymous even, but mythically important behind closed closet doors.

 “The hallmark of perfection is that everything in your wardrobe should work with everything else.” 

But how do you update your wardrobe to make it “absolutely perfect” right now?

The hallmark of perfection is that everything in your wardrobe should work together. Sure we could all go out and spend a small fortune on a new wardrobe every season, just because we absolutely and categorically “have to have” certain on-trend pieces. But understand the difference between what you want versus what you need.

Restricting your sartorial choices to pieces that will actually work back with what you already have makes for a better edit. In other words, the key to a truly successful wardrobe is to build a core of absolutely perfect classic basics — the building blocks upon which your look and style is created.

Well, basic rules still apply. Every woman needs a capsule of classic basic underpinnings. But we need to pad that capsule with a few “absolutely perfects” to make it more “wow” now. Incorporate new styles, new colours and new shapes.

The only rule to this new season game is that if you spot a potentially perfect classic basic, don’t buy one … buy several. Extravagant? No way! The cost per wear ratio will prove that.

Remember, ladies, we’re talking absolute perfection. Or dare I say “iconic”!

What are the pieces you simply can’t live without? Are they absolutely perfect? Would love to hear from you. Ever stylishly yours …

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