My life, my style: In the mood for a white wardrobe

A crisp, clean canvas is perfect for a riot of colour and texture … no matter what the occasion


WHITE is so hot white now!!! While I’m in a white mood (and continuing on from my previous post), I thought I’d share some more of the summer wardrobe keeping company with my new white leather bag.

No longer the uniform of choice for bedside vigils and courtside fixtures, the latter day all-white uniform is throughly modern — in all modes and manners. And when worn head to toe, the result is an exceptionally stylish, high-impact look.

White is the perfect canvas for a riot of colour and textures. And every woman needs a wardrobe that makes her feel confident and chic.

But a white wardrobe is so much more than a classic button-down shirt, T-shirt or jeans. For a more modern and polished look, inject a little elegance and sophistication with unexpected luxe textures such as leather and lace, feathers or silk.

However, not all whites were created equal. There are the warm tones for winter and the clean crisp whites of summer. Sure the maintenance factor is high but the real beauty of white gives you free rein when it comes to teaming it with colour and pattern. Anything goes.



  • Not everyone can wear bright, crisp white, but fortunately, there’s a shade for every skin type. In general, the darker your skin tone, the darker the shade of white you can wear.
  • Cool skin tones (those with blue and pink undertones) work well with classically, bright white (because it also has cool undertones) and pairs well with silver accessories.
  • Bronze skin tones (with orange, yellow or red undertones) are best with white or creams, especially when paired with gold accessories.
  • Ebony skin tones (which can have yellow, blue or red undertones) are more versatile and work with white or cream, as well as silver and gold accessories.
  • Warm skin tones (dark brown, light brown, or even pale provided that there are golden or yellow undertones) go best with cream or ivory whites and either gold or silver accessories.
  • Olive skin tones (with a pale greenish or yellow undertone and no pink) looks best with creams.

If you’re not sure what your skin tone is, stand in bright, preferably outdoor light and compare your skin to a sheet of white paper.

Do you love white? How do you wear it? Would love to hear from you. Ever stylishly yours …

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