Should blue and green be seen together?

We’ve all heard those old wives’ tales about certain fashion habits, but is there any truth to those old sayings?

INDULGE me somewhat as I continue on the green theme. When I received a comment from Miss Cathy G asking “can you wear blue and green together?” I decided to dedicate this post rather than respond to her.

Yes, Miss Cathy G you can wear blue and green together. Despite the old sayings — “blue and green should never be seen except in the washing machine” and “blue and green should be never seen without a colour in between” — the truth is, these two colours are great together.

Blue and green are the colours of nature. Look at one of the most beautiful animals — the peacock (below). So beautiful and elegant; blue and green in perfect harmony. And don’t forget the blue hydrangea — one of my favourite flowers.

Blue is a primary colour and when mixed with yellow it creates green. This is why you CAN wear the two tones together; one is created from the other.

These luxurious tones look fabulous together. With names such as emerald, sapphire, turquoise, jade, aquamarine and citrine, these jewel-toned hues have the power to make you feel sumptuous and sophisticated.

So, why not team teal blue and emerald green, or try a darker forest green with an aquamarine tone, mint green and sky blue, navy and jade, periwinkle blue with emerald, lime green with navy …

If you want to introduce a third colour, you can’t go past white! However, the secret is getting the tones right. There are blue-based greens and yellow-based greens, the same as there are blue-based reds and yellow-based reds. So mix blue-based greens with like-toned blues.


* For maximum impact wear a fabulous statement piece — a great coat, gorgeous dress or if you’re really adventurous a suit in a texture or boucle tweed in blue and green tweed.
* If that’s too much, let your accessories do the sparkling, with statement jewellery, scarves, bags or shoes in matching or complementary jewel tones.

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