How to wear white jeans in fall

If black pants are the answer to every woman’s fat” days, white jeans are their evil twin. But with the right styling, you can wear white jeans all year round


MANY women are afraid to wear white … particularly white jeans. I’m not sure why that is; is it a maintenance thing or a style thing? Or maybe it’s a confidence thing?

If black pants are the answer to every girl’s “fat” days, then white trousers are their evil twin. Well, how can a bright white something that’s sure to highlight every flaw in a woman’s body be remotely slimming? But white jeans are the best kind of statement, one that speaks volumes! And with the right styling you can wear white jeans all year round.

White jeans are a classic and will never go out of style. They are fresh and clean, light and uplifting; they’re a wardrobe no-brainer. White jeans elevate button-down shirts and luxurious knits in a way that blue denim never will.

Me? I love my white jeans. They thrive among my wardrobe in a variety of fabrics and textures: in cropped, relaxed and wide-legged styles for flats and flip-flops, and longer bootleg versions just for heels. And they certainly aren’t restricted for summer!

White is the ultimate blank canvas for a riot of colour and textures. Wear with navy, red, brown or grey. Or any colour for that matter! Also experiment with a variety of accessories and prints and patterns. And when the temperature drops, just throw on a jumper or jacket.

However, you simply can’t go past the classic combination of black and white. The classic combo never goes out of fashion.

Here’s how you can take white jeans through to fall and winter. It’s just a matter of adding more layers for the cooler months. Sure, I’ve opted for fairly plain classic basics, but that’s my style; I tend to play it safe some times. And all the pieces here I’ve had in my wardrobe for many years. I have no doubt you already have similar pieces. If not, you’ll be able to pick up similar pieces in most stores now.


* Choose the right fit: If you’re pear-shaped, the trick is to lengthen and broaden you upper body to divert attention away from your lower body. Choose lower-waist pants that hug the hips and taper at the hems to extend your upper body’s silhouette.
* White worn head to toe creates a continuous lengthening silhouette.
* Tops in bright solid colours or bold prints, eye-popping neon shades, or with a flattering cut and prominent details such as ruffles, will draw the eye up and away from your lower body.
* If you prefer wide-legged pants, choose the low-waist styles with hems almost touching the floor when you’re in heels.
* Make sure your make-up is set before you get dressed, particularly if you’re wearing a white shirt, top or jacket.
* Wear nude-coloured undergarments under white, that is unless you want to make a style statement with white or coloured bras!
* Keep your whites white, by giving them a good bleaching at least four times a year. My personal favourite is good old Bluo – the in-wash optical brightener. You remember the stuff in the blue bottle our mums and grandmothers used. I use it once a month to keep my whites sparkling.
* A word of caution: Steer clear of red wine, tomato-based sauces and oils when wearing white. Not sure about you guys, but, historically for me, if you’re going to spill anything, it always seems to be when you’re wearing white!

Do you believe that white jeans only belong in your summer wardrobe? Never worn white jeans in fall or winter? Or maybe you do. Would love to hear how you wear yours. Ever stylishly yours …


Trenery stretch cotton sateen jeans worn throughout  // Country Road wool knit cardigan //Angela Caputi bangles // Chanel ballet flats // Zara brown leather biker jacket // Christian Louboutin ankle boots // Sportscraft long-sleeved T-shirt // Trenery knit // Country Road belt // Rafia Chic shoes // 1950s vintage coat //
Country Road wool trench coat

All pictures: Mr Galeforce




  1. Anonymous
    February 26 / 5:42 am

    I absolutely love my white jeans too. Fabulous with black and great with neutrals. You look fabulous!

  2. February 27 / 9:10 pm

    Hi there Anonymous,
    Thanks for your kind comments! Yes, white jeans will work with anything and everything. They are a great basic staple for every woman's wardrobe.
    Cheers, Anne-Maree

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