Work it baby: What your wardrobe needs right now

Bored with your workwear wardrobe? Need some style inspiration? A little retail therapy is guaranteed to lift the spirits

Navy and green work wardrobe

IT might be sale time and there’s still some great savings to be had. But if you’re not up for mixing it with the end-of-season bargain hunters, step away from the table and channel your energies into discovering some great new workwear basics. Or if you’re just bored with your winter work wardrobe — I know I am — there’s nothing like a spot of retail therapy to lift the spirits!

To give you a head start, I’ve put together this mid-season capsule wardrobe — offerings from Sportscraft, Trenery and Witchery. Many women ask me what they need to buy, how to wear it and where to buy it from. There are times in every woman’s life when she needs some sage words of wardrobe wisdom, style inspiration and prudent shopping advice! Hopefully these suggestions will take some of the angst out of your shopping shortcomings.

Or course, the all-time classics of navy and camel are guaranteed to find a place in every woman’s wardrobe. But I do love a sense of drama. So indulge me as I lust over the emerald green suede loafers and the check pants! I love, love, love them! However, I know some of you reading this will be thinking “Check pants? Not on your life!” or “Green!!! No way”?  So I encourage you take off those blinkers and open your mind to something new; you might be pleasantly surprised.

So if you can get beyond the colour and pattern hurdles, the capsule wardrobe means that if you mix and match all these pieces you’ll be able to create at least 30 looks. Here’s how:

1: Jacket, white shirt and skirt
2: Jacket, white shirt and jeans
3: Jacket white shirt and check pants
4: Jacket, white shirt, cardigan and skirt
5: Jacket, white shirt, cardigan and jeans
6: Jacket, white shirt, cardigan and check pants
7: Jacket, floral shirt and skirt
8: Jacket, floral shirt and jeans
9: Jacket, floral shirt and check pants
10: Jacket, floral shirt, cardigan and skirt
11: Jacket, floral shirt, cardigan and jeans
12: Jacket, floral shirt, cardigan and check pants
13: Cardigan, white shirt and skirt
14: Cardigan, white shirt and jeans
15: Cardigan, white shirt and check pants
16: Cardigan, floral shirt and skirt
17: Cardigan, floral shirt and jeans
18: Cardigan, floral shirt and check pants
19: Floral shirt and skirt
20: Floral shirt and jeans
21: Floral shirt and check pants
22: White shirt and skirt
23: White shirt and jeans
24: White shirt and check pants
25: Cardigan and shirt
26: Cardigan and jeans
27: Cardigan and check pants
28: Jacket and skirt
29: Jacket and jeans
30: Jacket and check pants

But it doesn’t stop there. Create more looks by switching around your bags, shoes and accessories. Dress up the jeans with heels and jacket, dress down the check pants with the green loafers and floral shirt, belt the cardigan, change the scarves and tie them differently, change your hair … you’re only limited by your imagination.

Value for money in my books!

Do you have any other combinations? Can you see the check pants in your wardrobe? Do you love the green shoes? Would love to hear from you. Ever stylishly yours …


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