You need a pair of gold boots right now because …

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I HAPPENED upon this picture while browsing the net the other day and instantly fell in lust.

But I hear some of you say “gold leather”? I love anything that glitters and shines … within reason. No, I’m not a bower bird, but I love how lustre and luxe fabrics can take any outfit – day or night – to another level. And anything with shine, particularly metallic, is very on-trend at the moment.

But back to the boots. If I could find them, I would buy them. But alas, they’re just a pretty picture someone uploaded as inspiration. Hey, it worked for me. So I need to justify why I uploaded it.

You need these right now because:
a) they’ll add instant fashion cred to any outfit
b) they’ll brighten even the dullest of days
c) every woman needs to feel like Cinderella, sometimes; and
d) a girl’s just gotta have a pair of gold boots!

But where to buy them? Unfortunately, there were no details about the boots. No doubt you’ll find some …


  • Don’t overdo the shine factor. Keep it to a minimum as a stylish woman doesn’t want to draw too much attention; her personality needs to shine!
  • Ideally use as a highlight with accessories – shoes, bags, scarves with a metallic thread or belts. And keep the colour tone the same.
  • If you choose something from the gold family (and that includes rose gold), make sure all other accessories, jewellery or hardware are the same.
  • However, if you’ve just outlaid a small sum for a gorgeous gold top or an over-the-top leather coat (very on-trend), you’ll want it to be the main focal point. So don’t wear anything that will compete with or detract from it. Allow its moment to shine! If you know what I mean.

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