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This is a blog written and edited by Anne-Maree Gale. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are solely those of mine and do not represent in any way those of my affiliations or sponsors. This website and its original content is copyright of mine and What Every Woman Needs. Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the content in any form is prohibited without express permission by myself.

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As with any blogger, I welcome and encourage comments. Your feedback is important to me and I will try my best to take your suggestions into consideration.

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All the images featured on this blog, unless otherwise specified, are either mine, downloaded or reblogged from other blogs, Pinterest, Instagram or Tumblr sites. Those that are not mine are assumed to be in the public domain. However, I will try my best to credit the source(s) of each image. If you come across one that has not been properly credited, please let me know so I can make the necessary changes. And if you are the owner of an image that was improperly credited by me, I apologise! If, by mistake, an image protected by copyright was uploaded, the copyright violation was unintentional and without any commercial purpose. In this case the image will be immediately removed upon detailed request and proof. If you would like to use an image or photo of my creation, please contact me about it first, especially if it contains people or subjects of a personal nature.

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This blog will occasionally endorse businesses and products. Unless stated otherwise, these endorsements are given without reward or other consideration. If I am paid in money, goods or services, I will indicate in the body of the blog post(s). All giveaways, unless stated otherwise, are sponsored by me. All reviews – sponsored or not – are 100 per cent my own opinion. From time to time, What Every Woman Needs will host giveaways where personal information is gathered. Rest assured this information will never be shared with third parties.

Privacy and disclosure

What Every Woman Needs does not share or collect data (other that traffic stats) from its readers. This blog uses affiliate advertising links embedded in posts, but the opportunity to make a small commission will never dictate content. Featured products have always been and will always be items I truly love and find inspiring. However, the trust of my readers is paramount. So in the interest of transparency, if a post is sponsored financially you’ll see a hashtag: #sp in the caption. It’s very important to understand two things about this: 1) professional bloggers get paid to post about products, events or services (that’s how bloggers make a living) and 2) I only post about products I believe in and genuinely feel are on-brand with at What Every Woman Needs. Consider those posts similar to magazine advertorials; they are just the social media version. So gifted items and sponsored posts will always be indicated as such. I would never post a link or about a product that I don’t love or adore.