Five ways to wear … cropped black pants

 An essential in every woman’s wardrobe,  classic black pants are your passport to effortless chic


EVERY woman should have a pair of smart black dress pants in her wardrobe. If not black, then maybe in navy or grey.

I have several pairs in a variety of styles and fabrics … a couple are longer and reserved specifically for heels, there’s wide-legged, high-waisted, relaxed-style, tuxedo-style dinner pants (which are part of a suit) and others are cropped. Fabrics include silk, stretch wool, linen and mechanical stretch.

The pants here are a classic flat-front, stretch cotton sateen from Country Road. I’ve had them for a couple of seasons and wear them regularly.


  • Cropped pants should sit (or fall) at the narrowest part of your leg … just above the ankle is the most flattering.
  • When you find a pair that fit perfectly, buy two pairs — one to wear with heels and the other to take up and wear with flats. And if they make in other colours, then buy them as well.

DSC_0082 copyDSC_0094.jpgDSC_0130.jpgDSC_0136.JPG

*All pictures: Mr Galeforce


  1. March 13 / 8:45 pm

    ah, cropped black pants…hard-working basics.
    please do a post on the relationship between flattering (and non-flattering) necklines and body types…

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