Work it baby: How to be all white in winter

WHAT EVERY WOMAN NEEDS: How to be all white in winter

THERE’S nothing more chic that an all-white outfit. Often associated with innocence, perfection, honesty and cleanliness, white is vital yet neutral. And I love how it lightens and lifts the spirit and the mind. The perfect counter balance to everything.

But there’s something so refreshing and uplifting about wearing white in winter. It’s free and pure, like an entree to spring’s main course.

However the Americans have a “fashion rule” that says you can’t wear white after Labor Day (the first Monday in September). It’s largely symbolic but more likely to do with the fact that Labor Day marks the end of summer and the start of fall, which basically means packing away light summer clothing and bringing out the darker, heavier winter pieces.

When it’s wet, cold and blowing a gale outside it’s so easy – and safe – to pull on everyone’s favourite winter uniform of black, navy or grey.

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So why do the seasons dictate the colours we wear?

Colour plays on our emotions and moods. Generally winter calls for a dark palette. While summer heralds fresh, crisp lighter tones.

So if the temperature plummets and the wind picks up does that mean we are compelled to wearing only black, black and more black? And only whites and brights when it is hot and humid? Why do we do that? Who says we can’t wear white and brighter colours in the depths of winter?

“Dare to wear white and brights during winter … it is light and uplifting.”

Well I say bollocks! It’s time to mix things up a bit. Dare to wear white and brights during winter, like white jeans in autumn. White reflects light, surrounding you in a particular glow which says you are strong, practical and virtuous. It is light and uplifting and guaranteed to lift the spirits and lighten our moods  … just what we need in the depths of winter’s solemn embrace.

White brings a breath of freshness to an outfit and will work with any colour. Winter white tones of cream, ivory, snow, taupe and soft grey (and their many other names and descriptors) complement all colours and will instantly create a light new mood. White is the perfect blank canvas, providing you with a backdrop to wear other colours or statement pieces. But keep it chic with red and silver accents. And, of course, for traditionalists who need a safe haven, white will add crispness to black, navy or camel.

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Whites with a pearlescent sheen, sequins or glitter add instant glam and up the luxe factor, milky whites are sumptuous and nothing beats the freshness of a crisp white shirt. And a chunky-knit sweaters will hug you on those cold winter days. And if you need to make an entrance or stand out in a crowd, particularly in a sea of dark sombre tones, white will deliver in spades every time.

Whatever your decision, I’m sure you’ll be super stylish. Enjoy!


  • Wear with silver, gold or nude accessories
  • Ignore all associations with innocence and purity by wearing white with edgy statement jewellery
  • One colour head-to-toe has a elongating effect, so if you are vertically challenged, white is perfect to give the illusion of height
  • But a word warning: Beware when ordering food with red sauces, red wines or some salad items (beetroot and tomato) when wearing white. An accident while wearing white is not an accident, but a tragic disaster!

Do you wear white in winter? Do you like this combination? If not with red and silver, how do you prefer to wear white? Or are you a traditionalist who believes dark colours should be worn in winter? Would love to hear from you.  Ever stylishly yours …

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