The 10 rules of retail therapy

The advent of a new season is a bit like a shiny new toy promising new inspiration, new ideas and a new energy


MARCH is one of my favourite months of the year:  The days get a little shorter, and the mornings and evenings a little fresher. 

So come February, it’s research, reconnaissance and reward. I browse my favourite magazines (both print and online) for the new season trends, then I hit the shops and online sites to discover what will work for me, before deciding on what deserves to hang in my wardrobe. It’s a feast of the senses and it’s fun! After all, fashion should be fun.

However, before you hit the shops for a spot of retail therapy, consider these 10 commandments and you can’t go wrong.

1: Dress for yourself, not for anyone else

2: Know what you like and what works for you

3: Wear your clothes with confidence

4: Embrace your individual style

5: Don’t be a slave to the latest trends

6: Don’t be afraid to break the rules – sometimes

7: Dress to suit your age

8: Dress to suit your shape

9: Always look appropriate, wherever you are going

10: Feel good about what you spend your money on.

Anything you’d like to add? Do you have some “retail commandments” of your own? Would love you to share them. Ever stylishly yours …

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